U-Wing Fighter Polybag (30496) Review

This was a coincidental finding. First of all I did not expect this polybag to make it to Australia, but it has now appeared as a free item in the May edition of the K-Zone magazine. I bought two for $5.99 aud each, which is quite a good deal. I was very happy with it.

It has been reported that this polybag was only available in Legoland Theme Parks in America but by some miracle, Australia seems to have plenty of them now which I am really grateful for. It’s not very common for polybags to make to Australia, especially ones that have recently been produced to selected places.

There’s not much to say about to packaging. It’s a typical polybag with an astounding 33 different languages warning you about small parts.


The build is quite simple and fast to build. There are only nineteen steps to this 55 piece set. Also included are six spare pieces.

Some of the pieces were new to my growing Lego collection, including the 1×2 plate W. Hor. Hole Ø 4.8. Most of the pieces are part of everyday sets so it’s most likely you will find the majority of pieces you’re looking for.


The instruction booklet is actually quite small. It does look quite big in the image below compared to in real life. It’s one of those booklets that folds out to just below the size of an A4 piece of paper and fits half of the instructions onto one side.


The completed model is quite cute. It is easy to recognise the figure of the ship as a Star Wars ship. I really like the 1×1 round plates W. Throughg. Hole which I only have a few of.


The most intriguing part was the ability to split the U-Wing Fighter into two pieces with a clip on mechanism. It’s left me clueless to why this has been done. Maybe to compensate for the wings which unfortunately cannot be moved.


To summarise, the U-Wing Fighter (30496) is a mini version of the U-Wing Microfighter (75160) and a micro version of the Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155). This is my first polybag review and I’m quite satisfied with the result. The colours accurately represent the two larger U-Wing models and it still conveys the distinct shape. The designer I suppose has done their best to conceal the bottom cargo holder which has no doors and exposes the set. I would’ve liked to see a minifigure backplate W. Knob added to hide the gap a little better. DSC02663.jpg

This polybag is a free gift with the purchase of the K-Zone Australia Magazine. You’ll find this at the news agency as well as selected supermarkets for $5.99.


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