30377 Motor Horse Reviewed

I aim to shoot out a review per month and my minimum standard. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to review large sets so today I will be testing out another polybag. It is quite unusual for polybags to end up in Australia. The first spotting was the 30496 U-Wing seen in the May edition for K-Zone magazine. Five more polybags have recently been located in Woolworths supermarkets and today I will be reviewing one of them for you. This one caught my eye almost immediately. It’s the NEXO Knight themed polybag named Motor Horse 30377.


This set contains 52 pieces, many of which are blues and trans orange though there is some grey protruding from the sides.


Surprisingly, this is my first NEXO Knight set which really disappoints me because I’ve been meaning to buy some because of the great use colours and pieces. Hopefully after this I will invest more heavily in this theme, especially seeing the new sets coming soon.

The model contains a single minifigure that has a double-sided face. The only issue is that they almost look identical. It’s either a grumpy soldier or an even grumpier one! It’s great to see that both sides of the torso are printed to give that more realistic feeling of a fully padded up fighter ready for battle but it would have been a lot more realistic with side printings because I’m quite sure that the spear of an enemy would make contact with the arms quite easily. No one wants to see a battle end too quickly LEGO.

The minifigure accessories include a large shoulder and chest padded armour-plate. Maybe this is the reason why no printing has been done to the arms. I really like how the emblem still glows from the chest, similar–but out of proportion–to the NEXO Knight shield.

It’s interesting to see that on the back of the external shoulder protection, four studs have been added to the back. I like this because it allows for bonus accessories and more chances for a variety of play. It would have been nice to see a NEXO power strapped to the back.

The completed model is a fierce looking machine which is only depicted as a horse from its head. There’s some lovely combinations with the blues happening which I really like and they work well with the trans orange pieces, of which there are a decent amount to add to my collection.


There isn’t really anything to critique about this polybag set. My only grudge is the back wheels which seem lose when you shake the model around. They don’t fall off but kind of portrays the set as a little nimble.

The only thing I regret about this set is not buying more! I can imaging a small display full of these mechanical horses charging into battle. More reason to buy more!

DSC02749Overall I would recommend you buy this polybag, mainly because so few make it to Australia, and it is a set you will like. There’s great use of the blues, greys and trans orange, which work so effectively (and fit exactly into the NEXO Knight theme) to make it so appealing. The inclusion of the stud blaster and spear add another element of play to the set and is a great asset to bigger NEXO Knight battles!

If you want to purchase this polybag, it’s been spotted along with some other sets at Woolworths supermarkets for $5. That’s quite a good deal! Sorry to the other countries. I do not know whether you have this set.

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Brief Overview of Motor Horse (30377)

Don’t know what the symbols/titles mean? Read the description here.

Motor Horse (30377) Review


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