Happy Turtle (30476) Build Review

I think this is, if not, one of the first review for the (30476) Happy Turtle. If you look closely, I actually have changed some of the parts, only a few, because I did not have them myself. Actually, there are only 3 pieces that have been replaced with similar pieces. See if you can spot them. This is the first build review I’ve done and there are more (reviews and build reviews) coming soon. A few weeks ago Lego released some of the 2017 instructions booklets and this polybag set was one of them. You can try and build it yourself here!dsc02154

One of the main reasons I collect creator sets is for the pieces. The 33 pieces in this set, show that the designer has successfully used repetition to the effect that it shows the sets simplicity hidden behind the true creativity.dsc02157


This is a really simple set which is easy to follow and does not require any previous building experience. It won’t take you long at all to complete it. Even though Happy Turtle is symmetrical, it’s small enough that you don’t really take into account the repetition experienced, at least for me.dsc02156

Finished Model

Ask anyone what the model is and I guarantee that the response is “a turtle!”. The designer has successfully copied an image of a stereotypical turtle and built it into a near replica. There are some clever uses of the feet and head which use the Plate 1X2 Ball Ø5.9 Middle connected with the Plate 1X2 Ball Cup / Friction Middle to allow movement and some playability as well as creating a more obvious shape for the Happy Turtle. I also like the inclusion of 1×1 round tiles on the shell to add decoration and show how turtles don’t just a plain brown back.dsc02155


The Happy Turtle sure did make me happy. It’s a really creative and enjoyable set to build. I would definitely recommend this set to others. I’m not sure though when or where the polybag will be available, though I’m guessing it’ll appear soon in Lego Stores as the manual has been released. Unfortunately, I highly doubt the polybag will be available in Australia.


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