Batman Movie Wave 2 [71020] Part 1 Analysis

A new wave of Batman Minifigures are arriving. See part 1 of the CMF series and expectations. #LEGO


Christmas Nutcracker Promotion Live

Here is a great time to start listening to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker piece while you build your own LEGO nutcracker. The latest promotion on Shop@Home Australia advertises the seasonal set free with any purchase(s) that exceed $120 Aud. With 230 pieces, this is a very nice set that even features the traditional Nutcracker characteristic of the mouth … Continue reading Christmas Nutcracker Promotion Live

Save Big on Batman Movie Sets at Target

Target is offering 30% off selected Batman Movie sets, all from the first wave. Target's prices are generally similar to the online LEGO shop but a 30% discount sure makes some of those sets look interesting. Keep reading to see which sets have been reduced. BUY ONLINE FROM TARGET 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase Was: $34 … Continue reading Save Big on Batman Movie Sets at Target

Kai’s Dojo Pod 5004916 Promotion Live

This is the second promotion to run this week. LEGO is offering their first NINJAGO Movie promotion at Shop@Home with a pod. Kai's Dojo Pod (5004916) has the same casing seen in the Batman Movie pod. To receive this promotion, you just need to buy a NINJAGO Movie set. The dojo pod will be available until … Continue reading Kai’s Dojo Pod 5004916 Promotion Live

Iconic Cave Set Promotion Available

LEGO are now offering a new promotion all the way until the end of the month. The Iconic Cave Set (5004936) features two minifigures, previously seen in the collectible minifigures series 1. Now they're being fitted with a new cave. The only LEGO pieces are from the minifigures. The cave, is a cardboard pentagon. There doesn't seem … Continue reading Iconic Cave Set Promotion Available

Beep Beep! London Bus [10258] VIP pick up is ready

Next stop, Shop@Home. That's right. Your classic red bus is ready to take you on a journey. Well, actually it's an exclusive guest list. VIP members from today on can buy the creator expert set. Your minifigures will ride in luxury, with the size exceeding 18cm high, 34cm long, and 13cm wide. Have you got … Continue reading Beep Beep! London Bus [10258] VIP pick up is ready