Green Cruiser (31056) Full Review

This is the first 2017 set I’m reviewing for the year. As soon as the images were officially released, it caught my eye. I’ve always liked creator sets because of their choice for pieces which work well to add to my brick collection. The creator theme is also one of the harder themes because it requires three sets with as many reusable pieces as possible.

Drive in style with this sleek open-top Green Cruiser, featuring a green, white and black color scheme, tinted windshield, opening front trunk and rear hood, detailed engine, and a large two-minifigure cockpit with detailed dashboard and steering wheel. The 3-in-1 LEGO® Creator model has a three-part modular design for quick model reconfiguration, and rebuilds into a Fast Boat or a Truck.

The box design of this set is quite beautiful. The sun setting in the background with the clear water and lush green vegetation, all invite the viewer to be attracted to the set.

The car itself looks awesome and is good value for the amount of pieces and price. You won’t be coughing up much money at all, only $16 aud. A cheap and easy spend. I’d recommend you wait for a sale to save about $4. That’s what I did and only paid 9.8 cents per piece compared to 13 cents. The box contents includes three instruction booklets and two bags. Three 1×12 technic bricks are left separate in the boxing.fullsizeoutput_5bc

I like the choice of camera angles for the three sets. The front of the box shows a different side compared to the back and top of box giving better insight into the details.fullsizeoutput_5b5fullsizeoutput_5b6

As with the small creator sets, there aren’t any minifigures giving the chance to add a custom minifigure or build a larger one!

Green Cruiser

  • Green Cruiser measures over 1” (3cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

The first model is the most appealing when finished. It uses the most pieces and is the main creation of the three.  IMG_0304IMG_0293.JPGThe outside looks really flash. It’s good to see the green 2×4 tiles. It was the main reason I bought this set. The car actually looks like it has a lot of green pieces but in reality, there aren’t many at all. The designer has cleverly used other colours, hidden from view. Instead of using pre-modeled mudgaurds, the bumper along with the 2×4 green tiles has been used as compensation. The colour balance is very good in this set. It’s not all green. The cushioning with tan bricks resembles a leather style car, fitting with the title Green Cruiser. IMG_0303

One noticeable feature I don’t like is are the gaps for where the feet are placed and the angle plate 1×2/2×2 stuck in the bottom. As you can see below, the beige background is clearly visible. I think Lego should’ve patched that up by placing a 1×6 tile on the angled plate to cover it. IMG_0298IMG_0299

A clever feature included is the boot which can be opened via hinges. It’s also a slick addition to the sloping arch of the back of the cruiser. The red grilles are there I think for the luggage while the 2×2 round tile could be a spare tire. A clever feature of the 2×2 plate with bows is it acts as a model carving of where the tier is below. I wouldn’t say the colours are great but I reckon it’s still very clever in design.  IMG_0296IMG_0297

Fast Boat

  • Fast Boat measures over 1” (3cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

The second model of the three I built was the Fast Boat. I was really looking forward to building this one. It looks so slick. This one is a one passenger vessel with what seems to be red and white life rings.fullsizeoutput_5bdfullsizeoutput_5beMy favourite part of the boat is probably the bar that is raised on top of two trans-orange 1×2 tiles. It makes the boat look like it’s super fast! The rims of the wheels have been added to the back to act as propellers. These aren’t in the water making it a little more unique to your standard boat. The only issue I have with this model is that it’s showing the skeleton (1×12 technic bricks) which could’ve been covered up to the life ring with green.fullsizeoutput_5bf


  • Truck measures over 2” (6cm) high, 3” (10cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

The last of the three models is probably the least satisfying for me. I was actually looking forward to this build. The box image made it look quite flash but when the final product was done, I was disappointed to see that the proportions seems wrong. The truck skeleton was very fat, leaving the main part of the vehicle looking chubby.fullsizeoutput_5c2

I feel as if this model was just quickly whipped up with the remaining possible pieces. There are some cool features that I do like about this truck. One of them is the grille feature on the front. It’s quite iconic for those big road train type vehicles The windows too have been well masked behind the tan 1×2 slopes. fullsizeoutput_5c0

The green 2×2 tile slopes acting as doors I think are a very clever way of recycling bricks though I am uncertain on what the white 1×1 modified plate siting just above is supposed to do. The bottom front should be presented better. Instead of showing the technic brick sticking out, Lego could’ve more trans bricks as lighting to make it look more presentable. fullsizeoutput_5c3

The behind of the truck looks really nice. I really enjoy the inclusion of the steering wheel acting as weight for a wagon behind. The 1×2 bricks with pins sticking out look like turbo boosters. Awesome! Even though the wheels aren’t covered by a mudgaurd, the designer has still included the green 1×2 sloping bricks the detail which I think is a great idea. The lights on the back are also well placed and show the red and orange trans bricks but isn’t the indicator light (the trans orange piece) supposed to be on the outside? From what I can see, Lego has mixed up the lights This image shows the indicator light is supposed to be on the outside but on the set it’s on the inside. I checked to see if I made a building error but even the instructions seem to have it the wrong way.Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.52.08 pmThis may be intentional and based around a unique truck that has different lighting systems on the back, I’m not sure.

Summing up this set, I think it’s quite a nifty one that you can’t go wrong with. It really deserves an applause. I mean, three sets in one box for that price, amazing! The best model is the Green Cruiser and then the shine fades a little but it’s quite impressive for pieces that needed to be recycled. The main reason I bought this set was because of the green pieces, especially the 2×4 green tiles. I don’t why those attract me but it was worth it. I suppose I did get sucked in. In reality there wasn’t much green. I just saw the main image and green. I really like the box art. It’s a beautiful background which fits will with the car. Would I recommend this set? Yes, definitely. For those whose budget is tight, it’s a good one. I wouldn’t say it’s very important to get it right away. I’d wait for a sale where you save a few bucks.

I made a fourth model, a small boat/sub to hopefully give you some ideas on what you would like to create from your model. Be sure to like below and comment on any other sets you want reviewed or if you have any comments on this review. Happy building!

Buy Green Cruiser (31056)

Australia – $15.99

America – $9.99

Britain – £9.99

Canada – $12.99

Germany – €9.99

Spain – €9.99

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