Batman Movie Wave 2 [71020] Part 1 Analysis

LEGO is really devoting itself to the LEGO Batman Movie with a fresh wave of collectable Minifigures as well as five new sets arriving very soon. Although these pictures have been released in the past few days, the box art hasn’t which is why I am writing this post, along with my thoughts on best picks.


So, which Minifigure will serve the best? Read on to find out.


Mermaid Batman
Mermaid Batman

Mr Mermaid here isn’t really anything that special. It’s just one of four purely bat-themed Minifigures in the second wave, slightly less than wave one. To be honest, this Minifigure is a miss. The only piece that may cause interest is the mermaid tail which will be easy to recognise. If there had been no belt on the waist, this Minifig may have come handy in a marine display, but the belt really makes this a pointless asset to the collection. Who’s ever seen a regular mermaid with a belt?

Dolphin Batman
Swimming Pool Batman

Find the dolphin in this blind bag and you know what you’ve got. It’s going to be quite large in the small bag, allowing you to basically eliminate all other Minifigs. The dolphin is also available in the People Pack – Fun at the Beach [60153] which is selling for $3.40AUD on Bricklink so this would be a cheap way to get your hands on the animal. The goggles should have been changed as they are identical to the 71017 Vacation Batman from wave 1. Take off the hood and this Minifigure can be easily turned into a local at the beach who likes to wear Batman bathers. Overall, this is a viable character that can be integrated into a non-themed Minifigure and is worth buying, especially with the dolphin, which is the highlight of this blind bag and will attract the most attention to collectors and sellers.

Vacation Robin

Robin is clearly on holidays now with this unique duck patterned t-shirt and shorts. It comes with the every more frequent radio as well as a yummy looking ice-cream. It’s a good way to stock up on some cones and ice-cream scoops which aren’t found that often in sets. I can imagine here Robin at the beach laying on a deck chair and chillin’ with Batman. This is a really handy Minifigure which can be used for many purposes though it may take more time to find. I suggest looking for the ice-cream baubles or the radio.

Vacation Alfred

I’ve been meaning to collect an Alfred he’s been quite elusive. Luckily, LEGO is offering two versions of Alfred in the second wave. I prefer the Friends are Family Alfred more over this hideous looking striped costume. The bowtie makes Alfred look quite tight in his clothes but it makes me smile seeing the slight formality the butler likes to have. It’s very ordinary which nothing that stands out. There are certainly better figures to collect.

Swimmer Joker
Tropical Joker

This Joker sparks my attention. It’s got Joker written all over it. There’s a great colour scheme going on here and a second chance to get the duck floatie, this time in a typical Joker green and slightly different eyes. This Minifigure is full of accessories which are fairly standard, so nothing wow. The odd blue and palmtree shirt also suits the Joker well. This certainly is a Minifigure to collect and should be easy with all the gear crammed into the small blind bag. I’d recommend looking for the flotation device. Oh I forgot to mention those sunnies. They look amazing!

Batgirl Surfing
Vacation Batgirl

Give this one a miss. I can’t find anything special about this Minifigure. It’s almost an identical print of all the other Batgirl costumes produced. She’s titled “Vacation Batgirl” but to me this doesn’t look like holiday clothing. Look at “Vacation Robin”. Completely different. People don’t want another Batgirl in costume LEGO. Bring out something different, something that gives the impression of the holiday. I could called that blunt surfboard the Batboard. I’m going to say that this one is my least favourite out of the twenty.

Wonder Twin (Jayna)

The Wonder Twins are a nice addition to wave two. Jayna is well kitted with her record player disc and party themed playlist. She’s got beautiful purple shades and the yellow fits really well. The head piece uses elf ears which is a nice touch but I am really intrigued by the cape which is inverted to the traditional cape. Although it seems a little too big, I like how LEGO are trying to include all the features.

Wonder Twin (Zan)

As the name says, they are twins, so there isn’t much else to talk about here excepted for the bland looking accessory. From higher angles the blue round tile actually has an imprint of Jayna! This is because she has the ability to shapeshift. Based on my research, LEGO haven’t produced the Wonder Twins before but these extremely similar figures have been spotted in LEGO Dimensions. It will be hard to differentiate between the two twins as well as the other Minifigures some of who have similar accessory pieces, but I suggest feeling for the disc (Jayna) or the bucket, then the handle.

Apache Chief
Apache Chief

This is a nice Minifigure with a welcoming skin tone. The browns and red work well together and the attention to detail on the pants and torso has paid off. There isn’t much else that grabs my attention. The 1×3 tile with the camera roll seems to be a weak point of this blind bag since it just seems like a part LEGO wanted to add but wasn’t sure what.

Black Canary
Black Canary


Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 4.34.26 pm.png
Double face exposed


This is a really good representation of the Black Canary. It’s got all the right details and the

blue shades complement each other. The inclusion of the microphone is a good idea and its proportions are well done. One hidden feature about this Minifigure that can’t be seen in this image, is that she has a double face.


That concludes part one of the analysis. You will see the second half on Tuesday. So far, wave two seems to be shaping up with higher expectations to wave one.

What do you think? Got any favourites? Let me know in the comments.


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