Green Cruiser (31056) Quick Review

The quick review is here for those who don’t want to get all the details but the gist of the review.


  •  The front of the box shows a different side compared to the back and top of box giving better insight into the details.

Green Cruiser

Green Cruiser measures over 1” (3cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

  • The outside looks really flash. It’s good to see the green 2×4 tiles. It was the main reason I bought this set.
  • Instead of using pre-modeled mudgaurds, the bumper along with the 2×4 green tiles has been used as compensation.
  • It’s not all green. The cushioning with tan bricks resembles a leather style car, fitting with the title Green Cruiser.
  • The beige background is clearly visible. I think Lego should’ve patched that up by placing a 1×6 tile on the angled plate to cover it.
  • A clever feature included is the boot which can be opened via hinges. It’s also a slick addition to the sloping arch of the back of the cruiser
  • A clever feature of the 2×2 plate with bows is it acts as a model carving of where the tier is below

Fast Boat

Fast Boat measures over 1” (3cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

  • My favourite part of the boat is probably the bar that is raised on top of two trans-orange 1×2 tiles. It makes the boat look like it’s super fast! The rims of the wheels have been added to the back to act as propellers.
  • The only issue I have with this model is that it’s showing the skeleton (1×12 technic bricks) which could’ve been covered up to the life ring with green.


Truck measures over 2” (6cm) high, 3” (10cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

  • The box image made it look quite flash but when the final product was done, I was disappointed to see that the proportions seems wrong. The truck skeleton was very fat, leaving the main part of the vehicle looking chubby.
  • A nice feature is the grille on the front. It’s quite iconic for those big road train type vehicles The windows too have been well masked behind the tan 1×2 slopes.
  • The green 2×2 tile slopes acting as doors I think are a very clever way of recycling bricks though I am uncertain on what the white 1×1 modified plate siting just above is supposed to do.
  • Instead of showing the technic brick sticking out, Lego could’ve more trans bricks as lighting to make it look more presentable.


  • It really deserves an applause. I mean, three sets in one box for that price, amazing! The best model is the Green Cruiser and then the shine fades a little but it’s quite impressive for pieces that needed to be recycled.
  • Would I recommend this set? Yes, definitely. For those whose budget is tight, it’s a good one. I wouldn’t say it’s very important to get it right away. I’d wait for a sale where you save a few bucks.


Buy Green Cruiser (31056)

Australia – $15.99

America – $9.99

Britain – £9.99

Canada – $12.99

Germany – €9.99

Spain – €9.99

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