Save Big on Batman Movie Sets at Target

Target is offering 30% off selected Batman Movie sets, all from the first wave. Target’s prices are generally similar to the online LEGO shop but a 30% discount sure makes some of those sets look interesting.

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Kai’s Dojo Pod 5004916 Promotion Live

This is the second promotion to run this week. LEGO is offering their first NINJAGO Movie promotion at Shop@Home with a pod. Kai’s Dojo Pod (5004916) has the same casing seen in the Batman Movie pod. To receive this promotion, you just need to buy a NINJAGO Movie set. The dojo pod will be available until October 29, in time for the $500 NINJAGO City blockbuster set. This promotion is not available at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne or Dreamworld LEGO Store.

Don’t forget the other bonus live now: Spend $45 or more on anything to get the Classic Cave Set! 


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Iconic Cave Set Promotion Available

LEGO are now offering a new promotion all the way until the end of the month. The Iconic Cave Set (5004936) features two minifigures, previously seen in the collectible minifigures series 1. Now they’re being fitted with a new cave. The only LEGO pieces are from the minifigures. The cave, is a cardboard pentagon. There doesn’t seem to be an inside, except for the packaging of the minifigs. Continue reading “Iconic Cave Set Promotion Available”

Beep Beep! London Bus [10258] VIP pick up is ready

Next stop, Shop@Home. That’s right. Your classic red bus is ready to take you on a journey. Well, actually it’s an exclusive guest list. VIP members from today on can buy the creator expert set.

Your minifigures will ride in luxury, with the size exceeding 18cm high, 34cm long, and 13cm wide. Have you got other creator expert creations? Not to worry! The London Bus has been scaled to fit along side your T-1 Campervan or <insert your creator expert set here>.

The bus has been priced for $200 with 1686 pieces. Non VIP members can buy this from August 1 on or possibly a few days earlier depending how efficient your store is at getting in new stock.

Make sure if you’re a VIP you sign in!

Buy London Bus [10258]

Price: $199.99

Pieces: 1686

Price Per Brick: 11.8 cents

50% Discount at Shop@Home

About a month ago, LEGO was offering a 30% discount on selected sets that were retiring soon. Now the deal just got a whole lot better. The online shop is now giving you a half price discount on basically all the retiring soon sets. There aren’t many left now with most of the more expensive items (about rrp $100) sold out, but there are still some goodies to snatch up. Just checking now, all that’s left is NEXO Knights, Angry Birds and other smaller items.

Check the list of available sets at half the price below.  Continue reading “50% Discount at Shop@Home”

Ninjago Movie: Australian Set Prices Announced

The online LEGO store has updated their site with a fresh wave of new and exciting sets which also includes the Ninjago Movie, coming out late September.

Here are the 16 sets coming out from August on.

Key: {} Unconfirmed


LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectable Minifigures


8 Pieces

Released: August 1


Spinjitzu Training


109 Pieces

Released: August 1


Ninjago City Chase


233 Pieces

Released: August 1


Master Falls


312 Pieces

Released: August 1


Manta Ray Bomber


341 Pieces

Released: August 1


Flying Jelly Sub

$ {44.99}

341 Pieces

Released: August 1


Water Strider


494 Pieces

Released: August 1


Green Ninja Mech Dragon


544 Pieces

Released: August 1


Garma Mecha Man

$ {89.99-99.99}

747 Pieces

Released: August 1


Lightning Jet


876 Pieces

Released: August 1


Fire Mech


944 Pieces

Released: August 1


Ice Tank

$ {99.99}

914 Pieces

Released: August 1


Temple of The Ultimate Ultimate Weapon


1403 Pieces

Released: August 1


Destiny’s Bounty


2295 Pieces

Released: August 1


garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON!

 $ {99.99}

{850-1000} Pieces

Released: December 1


Ninjago City


4867 Pieces

Released: September 1