Where Have I been?

Hi everyone,

I’ll be upfront and apologise right away. I’ve been caught up in a very busy school schedule which has included many tests and exams. Now I’m currently in rollover so I have some breathing space to turn my attention to blogging again.

I’ve bought the NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Space Rocket and am eager to open it soon. I’ve also changed the theme of the site which you most likely have noticed, to make it look simpler.

From my time of absence, I’ve had a chance to think about this blog and try to figure out what can make this site so much more original compared to the other LEGO enthusiast sites. Apart from doing the occasional review, I want to create more discussion topics about what’s happening in the LEGO world, instead of the usual, 50 word post on new set images. I will also try to find and report on unusual topics that have featured LEGO.

This blog will address the occasional new set image and standard stuff, as well as post about sales and deals happening in Australia.

Do you have any more suggestions? Please do comment your thoughts below so they can be taken into consideration.


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