Build Your Own Adventure DC Super Heroes Book Visuals

There are now official images of the upcoming DC Super Heroes Build Your Own Adventure book. This will be an interest for collectors wanting the exclusive Green Lantern minifigure. The book will be available from August 1. Those green pieces may also take your style there, especially the rare transgreen pieces in unusual shapes (if … Continue reading Build Your Own Adventure DC Super Heroes Book Visuals

2HY NEXO Knights Official Images

These are just of the few NEXO Knights sets with official images. There will be significantly more. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that NEXO Knights will not be discontinued. This has been confirmed by LEGO Designer Mark Stafford. Enjoy the images!

2HY Star Wars Official Images

New images have surfaced giving more details to some of the new sets coming from July onwards. Some of these sets have been listed on the European Amazon but are mostly overpriced massively. Sourced from Hoth Bricks