Iconic Cave Set Promotion Available

LEGO are now offering a new promotion all the way until the end of the month. The Iconic Cave Set (5004936) features two minifigures, previously seen in the collectible minifigures series 1. Now they’re being fitted with a new cave. The only LEGO pieces are from the minifigures. The cave, is a cardboard pentagon. There doesn’t seem to be an inside, except for the packaging of the minifigs. There certainly is lots of creative decoration surrounding the box, but it would have been nice to see more of a building aspect to the promotion, such as a small hut or accessories.

The promotional will be available until August 31 and will be added to your basket for free when you spend over $45, which is quite cheap and surprising. America needs to spend $50 usd which is equivalent to roughly $60 aud. Europe will need to pay 30€ for this promotion.

The Dreamworld LEGO Store and Melbourne LEGOLAND Discovery Centre will not be offering this promotion which is ashame. Free shipping is only offered to orders above $120 aud. [VIPS only]





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