Beep Beep! London Bus [10258] VIP pick up is ready

Next stop, Shop@Home. That’s right. Your classic red bus is ready to take you on a journey. Well, actually it’s an exclusive guest list. VIP members from today on can buy the creator expert set.

Your minifigures will ride in luxury, with the size exceeding 18cm high, 34cm long, and 13cm wide. Have you got other creator expert creations? Not to worry! The London Bus has been scaled to fit along side your T-1 Campervan or <insert your creator expert set here>.

The bus has been priced for $200 with 1686 pieces. Non VIP members can buy this from August 1 on or possibly a few days earlier depending how efficient your store is at getting in new stock.

Make sure if you’re a VIP you sign in!

Buy London Bus [10258]

Price: $199.99

Pieces: 1686

Price Per Brick: 11.8 cents


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