Minecraft The Mountain Cave 21137 Australian Price Announced

After some teasers, LEGO have finally revealed their largest Minecraft set ever made! The Mountain Cave 21137 consists of a massive 2863 bricks which features many clever building techniques and detail.

It hasn’t taken LEGO long to list it on their online shop. The Australian price will be $399.99, which is about 14 cents a piece. That’s not too bad but not the best I’d have to say though the looks really make up for it. The model looks huge! In fact, it’s 31cm high and 53 cm wide.

Check out images of the main model below or alternatively, check out the listing on the online LEGO store via the link. When can you buy this? It’s not that far away. Just start saving to July 1.

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Have you seen the video showing a brief overview of the steps taken for this amazing set? Watch the video below.

Also be sure to checkout some of the other cool sets being released very soon (just type in the search bar “coming soon” to see the sets). I have to admit though some of the NEXO Knight sets look quite large and expensive. Maybe there’s more of a push to target AFOLs.


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