Series 17 Minifigures Price Hike

It seems as LEGO has secretly maintained its price at $5.99 for Minifigures. Before the LEGO Batman Movie collectables were released, Minifigures were trading at $4.99. Australia was then seen to receive a $1 price increase, very annoying. Hopefully Big W will keep their prices the same. They sell all their Minifigs for $4.75, a great deal with the rare 20%. Why has LEGO increased the prices in Australia? There are still 7 pieces in each bag, so it’s about 85 cents now for one piece!

I have check the currency converter and it seems that most countries conversion equates to just over $5 and then of course Australia is a little more expensive anyway.

The Collectable Minifigures Series 17 is now available at Shop@Home

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+1 Mystery Figure


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