Carousel 10257 Breakdown: What’s in the box?

On April 27 at 21:59 LEGO officially released images on its Facebook page of the next fairground Creator Expert set. Travel back in time to 2009 when LEGO released the Creator Expert Grand Carousel 10196. It contained 9 minifigures, LEGO Power Functions and a sound brick. The 3263 piece set measures over 30cm x 12cm x 30cm, fitting comfortably on a 48×48 baseplate (the only one in its colour created).

Eight years later, and the price has increased more than 2000%! The average selling price on Bricklink in the past six months $2347.92 aud for a new and $1521.73 aud for a used one. A buy for only the top of the elite collectors, and I’m sure they would consider other places before splurging 1-2 thousand dollars, not including the shipping some sellers will include.

Now with the second generation of theme park fun is finally coming direct to consumer from June 1. The set will be larger in size, 32cm x 38cm x 35cm yet have less pieces, only 2670. This is most likely because of efficiency. Less pieces will satisfy anyone as it will result in a lower price. The roof turret is taller in gen 2.0 and is likely to have a larger ceiling height to compensate for the large animals, which look really well designed.

Measures over 12” (32cm) high, 14” (38cm) wide and 13” (35cm) deep

Having a closer look at the animals, we can see the beautiful colour schemes and building techniques created.

5 Animals
The 5 animals that you can ride on


The main colours orange, black and white are combined well so that there is balance. It’s main colour is orange which has some cool parts attached. Some interesting building techniques are used in the legs with the inverted 1×2 slopes and the rare 1×1 round plate W/3.2 shaft used as the ankle. The tiger has quite a big mouth but it still suits the build. I see nothing wrong with it. LEGO will welcome back the Tip Of The Tail Ø6,47 in bright orange, not seen since 2007*. Also, the 1/4 Circle Tile 1×1 will introduced in bright orange, a nice inclusion, shaping the paws quite nicely. I like that LEGO did not choose claws as the design may look a little odd, and wouldn’t suit the fun park theme. This is a kids ride with a cute tiger, not a menacing one!

Round Plate 1×1 W/3.2 Shaft
1/4 Circle TIle 1×1
Tip Of The Tail Ø6,47
*Source: Brickset


Hop on this jumping creature for never ending fun! The frog uses a a great colour scheme which is almost perfectly perfectly, LEGO should’ve used black pins at the bottom of the technic pins to blend in better. I’m not much of a technic fan when buying system sets but I recon the legs can fly over the radar. I like the green 1×3 arches (they seem to be) poking out and the corner plates cleverly created to show webbed feet. I can imagine this creature is the most effective at riding up and down, Power Functions or not! The vibrant red mouth stands out nicely and breaks up all the green. A tongue poking out would have really suited the frog. Maybe when you buy this, you can modify some of the features, like this one!


Continuing with the vibrant colours, the flamingo looks fragile, but it should be pretty stable since it’s plastic. There isn’t much to say about this animal. Each animal explores a vivid colour combo and the flamingo is no exception. The tan brick which allows for the neck to stretch out is a pleasing mark that refrains from the flamingo being too pink. I hope the pink tile the girl is standing on is a 2×2 jumper plate (also known as 2×2 plate W 1 knob). It would allow for easy access to just placing the minifigure on top of the animal. I can be a little finicky to get the minifig hand on the bar. One thing I can’t stop noticing are the stalk legs, which technically is only one of. The other ‘leg’ with the black stand is part of all the animals so they can move up and down when the set is being rotated. I guess there is nothing wrong with this. The designers may have decided this because three stalk looking legs would be confusing for the eye and make the flamingo look complicated and busy.

The 2×2 Plate W 1 Knob


The elephant is the biggest of the animals bouncing around the carousel and for that reason it sticks out more than the rest. It’s a real shame because it’s a great choice of animal, but it just won’t mix well with the other smaller animals. The proportions look correct but there are other things that let this animal down. The behind looks poorly done. It looks quite ugly with the bottom of bricks exposed and the small, pathetic looking tail which should be bigger. What I would like to see on this animal are glow in the dark tusks. How awesome would that be?


The swan is a beautiful animal and is portrayed here just as well, especially the arching neck. The minifigure would feel most safe in in feathers of this animal. It’s great to see the Design Shape W/Tube Crosshole will be introduced in white. The inclusion of what seems to be gold pieces inside the swan create an even more beautiful swan. Pure white with a touch of gold.

Includes lots of molded golden elements, reflective golden labels and medium-blue/dark-blue elements.

A pearl gold version of this could be inside the swan
Design Shape W/Tube, Crosshole

To me what really stood out was the colour combination, especially the medium azur (I think that’s the right colour) which works really well with the yellow and beige. The detail as well in between look quite pretty. That earth blue 2×2 printed tile looks very magical. Maybe we will be seeing this one more often in themes such as Elves and Nexo Knights.

The walls angle inwards which is a common feature of carousels. What many fans won’t be happy about are the sticks, mostly golden ones that will need to placed on the set.

Another key feature mentioned for the Carousel 10257, were Power Functions. These unfortunately are not included in the set.

Motorize the Carousel with the LEGO® Power Functions 8883 medium motor and 88000 AAA battery box (not included).

The get the merry go round moving automatically, you need the following Power Functions.

If you’re feeling sustainable, there is always the Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box for $99.99 at Shop@Home or from Bricklink for and average price of $74.82.

No more disposable batteries! This rechargeable battery box has built-in Lithium polymer batteries for low weight and maximum power. Use it in your LEGO® Power Functions models and never have to use disposable batteries again!

  • Use the #8887 10VDC LEGO Transformer to charge the battery!
  • Motor speed can be controlled via the battery box speed control dial!
  • Output voltage is 7.4 V!

It would look nice if the technical stuff was hidden. Maybe this can be another area to modify. Some bushes perhaps?


New minifigures, a total of seven will accompany you on the merry go round. LEGO only published five official images, leaving two mysteriously missing. All the figures look really nice with typical family outing clothing and happy expressions. From the images displayed it seems that one minifigure, the father has double sided printing. One he’s smiling and enjoying his time, and the other one looks like he’s eating. It’s an interesting facial expression which I’m not even sure exists yet.

List of Minifigures
The seven minifigures included


The Carousel 10257 contains 2670 pieces. It is a breathtaking set with so many small (and large) colourful details. It will be available direct to consumer from June 1. The June Store calendar will be released in a few days now and I can imagine that there will be early access to VIPs. The set is priced at $299.99 [AU] $199.99 [US] £159.99 [UK] 179.99€ [DE].

Watch the designers video uploaded by LEGO below and see the official images here.


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