Series 17 Minifigures Official Images

The Lego Facebook page has posted official images of the upcoming Series 17 (71018) Collectible Minifigures. These will be released from May 1 so there aren’t many days left!Series 17 BoxSeries 17 bag

If you look at the images, you’ll notice that there are only 15, an odd number compared to other series. Lego are still leaving out the ‘mystery figure’ also known as the Highway Man. There are images floating around of the character. I have seen them but it doesn’t really look that special. Don’t worry. I won’t post the image until an official one comes out.Series 17 Whole Lot

The Series is most likely to be priced in Australia for $4.99, the same as the other series except for the recent Batman Series, which was upped in price to $5.99. Thanks Lego.

Cick on an image below to see it in large.



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