Assembly Square Available From Myer

Lego’s biggest set, the Assembly Square (10255) is now available to purchase from Myer around Australia. It contains a massive 4002 pieces and is currently listed as $399.95, almost the same as at the Dreamworld Lego Store and online shop ($399.99). I wouldn’t be too much in a hurry to pick this one beauty up yet. This set I’d say is only for the hardcore AFOLs. Not many are willing to splurge $400 on Lego. Best to wait for a sale.

You can view the Myer page to see if your store has any stock.

Most Likely Myer Sales Coming In The Near Future

  • 20% Lego Sale. Usually lasts around a week or more. School holidays is a common time.
    • Discounted price: $319.96
    • Save: $79.99
  • 25% Lego Sale. Done on weekends under “Super Sale”. Not that common though there have already been quite a few this year.
    • Discounted price: $299.96
    • Save: $99.99

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