March S@H Promotions [US]

The American Shop@Home likes to have different promotions from the rest of the world. The VIP promotions for this month are below.

Bonus 50 Points on 76054 Batman: Scarecrow

Bonus 50 Points on 10842 Batcave Challenge 


Also on the promotions list from March 1 is a free polybag named Police Helicopter (30351). This will be a free inclusion when buying $35 usd or more on any merchandise only, even. I don’t think it’s worth getting unless you want to buy  It’s basically just a mini police helicopter. It will only be available until March 15. March 16 will see the release of a new polybag My First Fish (30323), a Duplo polybag which is quite unusual. You may want to wait until March 6 when double VIP points will be issued on all sets! Below are the official images of the polybag.30351_alt130351_alt230351_alt3


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