Lego Ideas Review Summary

The Lego Ideas group have just released their results for the second 2016 stage review. Twelve sets were successful enough to make it to 10000 supporters. There was one luck set that made the cut today. Keep reading to find out which one it was.c5wsmc6xeaaqszh

Out of the twelve sets, one has been approved, another is still in review, and the other ten have after a lengthy process, been declined. Here is the lucky set.

Women Of NASA                               Creator: 20tauri2866920-o_1b90sdq5r1hjr1k0s1irr1df11ncca.png

This is an interesting set that I’m curious to see how it will be refined. Personally, I don’t really like the look of the set. It seems a bit boring but I’m looking forward to the improvements that will be made by Lego.

Here are the list of entries and their status. Voltron-Defender of the Universe is still being reviewed which could mean that this set has a good chance of being approved.


I’m really looking forward to the next set of reviews. Check out the participants below. These sets look really well created!2868131-o_1b9329f171gbns1dhu1mr497ha


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