Lego Batman Movie Poster Week 4

Today is the last week to get the last Batman Movie poster. Over the last 3 weeks, Lego has been giving away free Batman Movie posters with any purchase. We’ve had Harvely Quinn, Batman and Batgirl. Read more to see what poster will be available this week.Robin! This poster will be available from Feb 20 to Feb 26. Some of the second half year sets are now available at shop@home so if you want to buy something, nows a good time. Also check out the sales + deals page for some cool discounts unless in Australia, we don’t have any sales at the moment. Spend $100 [Aus] or more and receive the Disco and Clown Batman (30607). Be sure to check out the Batman Movie page I’ve created. There you will find lots of cool posters, colour-ins and more! Plus you’ll be able to see the some of the other certified posters like this one that didn’t make the cut for the promotion. Hint: one of them is The Joker.poster-char-robin.jpg


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