Last BrickHeadz Revealed

Over the past 24 hours, massive hype has been going around the world of Lego fans due to the showcase of 100s of new (mostly second half year) sets, most of which will be released from July onwards. I will not be publishing the images from the New York Toy Fair, but when Lego officially release the images, I’ll make sure you’ll see them.

Moving over to BrickHeadz now. The theme is going to be quite popular and Lego today released official images of the last two BrickHeadz joining the first wave.

Note: The two new BrickHeadz will not be available to buy on March 1. The date is yet unknown. Here you can see the other BrickHeadz already available to VIPs.

41593 Captain Jack Sparrow (109 pieces)


41594 Captain Armando Salazar (118 pieces)



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