March Sets Available…Kinda

Some sellers on Amazon have already listed several 2017 sets, due to be released in March. They include Architecture, Elves, Marvel SuperHeroes, and Speed Champions.

At the moment it only seems that these sets are available from French and British sellers and may take longer than usual to arrive. The majority of British sellers say they dispatch within 1 – 2 months while the French sellers say they’ve only got 1 in stock. If you really are keen on buying the March sets, Britain’s Amazon has the better prices by a significant amount.

For example, the set 75879 Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H is listed for €14.94 in the Uk but in France the same set is more than double, at €39.98, trying to take advantage of the rarity of the set.

Here is a list of what I could find that sellers are listing for March sets.


21035 Guggenheim Museum


41182 The Capture of Sophie Jones

41183 The Goblin King’s Evil Dragon

41183 Aira’s Airship & the Amulet Chase

41185 Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village

Marvel SuperHeroes

76079 Ravager Attack

76080 Ayesha’s Revenge

76081 The Milano vs. The Abilisk

Speed Champions

75877 Mercedes AMG GT3

75878 Bugatti Chiron

75879 Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H

75881 Ford GT 2016 & Ford 1966 GT40

75882 Ferrari FXX K & Development Center

75883 Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team

If you want to see the set images and more information, use the links below.

Amazon Britain

Amazon France



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